The White Shirt. Forever.

From the folks at Unionmade in San Francisco comes their most recent collaborative collection: “The White Shirt. Forever.” The capsule collection was designed in-house at Unionmade and produced by the New England Shirt Company in Massachusetts. It consists of eight variations on one of the most faithful of articles in men’s clothing – the white shirt. From the 001 button down to the 008 elbow patch work shirt, Unionmade aimed to make sure there was at least one or two shirts that everyone could use. The 006 long sleeve pop over is a particularly interesting option, as is the aforementioned 008 elbow patch work shirt. Both are steps away from the typical white button down while keeping the simplicity and timeless nature of the white shirt intact. Each style can be seen in the look-book Unionmade have put together alongside photographer Jason Rodgers, available for viewing on their site. The capsule is available online, as well as in the Unionmade San Francisco, Brentwood and Marin stores.

– CK


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