Acne F/W 2012

Swedish fashion house Acne recently released the first of their offerings for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Aside from the selection of denim that they’ve become famous for, the collection features a few other intriguing pieces. The first thing that struck me was the interesting use of the heart print in a couple of pieces (and the fact that as soon as you open the site, large hearts start raining down the screen). Perhaps not traditionally “manly” but nicely done when pulled off as well as Acne have managed. I’ve been quite attracted to the grey t-shirt with the small pink heart print, I own nothing like it, but I found it an interesting piece. The t-shirts in general are very nicely cut and they’re built for a taller person which is something that I’m always really happy to see. I’ve been frustrated a number of times in the past by great looking shirts that end before where my jeans start.

The knitwear is another high point in the collection: a couple of the wool knits have already grafted themselves to the bottom of my Must Have list. I’ve had positive experiences with Acne knits in the past. They tend to be of good quality and the fit tends to be pretty on-point. The shirting often has a number of solid pieces – and this season is no exception to the rule. Acne has gone to a denim-heavy shirting line. A couple of the raw denim shirts may be interesting, and I’d like a chance to get to see them in person but that sadly can’t be expected here in Canada. From the denim collection, both of us at the Facing Page have had great experience with the Max Raw, which has undergone a minor re-tweaking this season to be renamed the Max New Raw (a little hat tip to A.P.C.?) but still retains much of what we like about it – namely the fit, fabric and detailing. (If you’re curious about how they wear over time, checkout the Fade Friday feature I did on Rawr Denim). For those who aren’t quite so into the raw denim scene, the Max Thunder is also a great jean. It has a neat sewing style where the blue indigo thread is woven into a grey thread to give the jeans an interesting effect where the colour seems to change a bit between viewing angles. The whole collection is available for your browsing pleasure here. Enjoy the falling hearts.

– CK

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