Apolis x Old Faithful – Local + Global Partnership

Apolis, the California menswear brand known for it’s global activism as well as great design has recently teamed up with Vancouver’s Old Faithful store to produce its 21st Local + Global partnership collaboration. The Local + Global partnership is a project Apolis started in order to connect regional retailers with Apolis’s vision of global advocacy and help to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh via the production of market bags. The operation supports the Bangladeshi artisans by providing literacy classes, training on nutrition, women’s legal rights information, educational awareness and finance, definitely a positive idea. The bag itself is nice – the design is consistent and well thought out – but for me the highlight of the collaboration is the great series of images that were shot by photographer Tara Dwelsdorf in Vancouver’s Gastown district to showcase the area. I’m a big fan of the area, in terms of architecture and many of the businesses that are set up there, so I really enjoyed the editorial highlighting many of said businesses including Meat and Bread, Revolver, Neighbour, Old Faithful and Nelson the Seagull. The pictures can be seen in full on the Apolis website and the bag can be purchased through Old Faithful in Vancouver.

– CK


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