Reigning Champ Website Launch

Vancouver based company Reigning Champ has finally released their long awaited website (which has been in the works for at least a year now) and, in tandem with the website, a new e-commerce store. This is a big deal for Reigning Champ – their collections hadn’t been widely available online up until now, and this will give them a platform from which to promote their brand. The site includes a look book featuring some of Reigning Champ’s 2012 collections, along with the brand mission statement, some design notes, a contact section and of course a list of stockists. These had all been available around the internet, but had never been brought into one place like this with consistent branding. The main step for the site though, in my opinion, is the addition of their webshop. It’s a real pleasure to be able to browse the whole collection in one place and be able to pick the pieces up directly from the brand. The photography done on the pieces is really great, you can get a good impression of the pieces from the pictures that Reigning Champ share. We’ve already touched on a number of the pieces here, and seeing them in full now makes many of them even more tempting. I’ll be looking forward to the Vancouver weather to turning grey so I can justify myself spending the money on some of these pieces.

– CK


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