For me, one of the most important things for quality of life is being happy with the space you inhabit. Admittedly, this can be harder to control when you’re in a work environment, assuming you aren’t the one calling the shots, but at home, you can do a lot in terms of making your space your own. There are so many sources of inspiration available to us today, pictures of people’s spaces are all over the internet and books for us to peruse – and as a result it’s never been easier to create your own ideal space. Personally, light and space are two of the most important things in choosing the space I live in. I like open spaces and lots of natural light – I find with the exception of the occasional pendant lamp, contrived light is a turnoff in a space. Roominess is a key, I like lots of room to move around in and lots of air circulation, which calls for good windows. Wood floors, brick walls, great furniture, plant life, and arrangements that inspire conversation and a positive atmosphere are all further keys to my enjoyment of a space. The perfect space is a fun concept to chase, as there is always something more that can be done to improve on any given space. Of course, the most important thing about any space is that it feels like home to you – this is often just down to the people you inhabit it with, the memories created in it, and the way you use it – but choosing a great space to begin with and decorating it in the way the pleases you most can make all the memories even better.

– CK

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