Naked and Famous Denim

One of the denim industry’s more creative minds, Brandon Svarc, turned his mind to creating a brand through which he could release pretty much any spin on raw denim he could imagine. The brand he wound up creating is Montreal based Naked and Famous denim. Naked and Famous utilizes a vast collection of unique and rare denim fabrics from their own mill in Japan – from which they import all their fabrics. As the starting point for all their jeans, this mill is comitted to producing the best denim they can, utilizing a mix of older and more modern production techniques and methods. Naked and Famous tend toward raw denim, ignoring the after-effect market entirely and stripping their jeans down to the bare necessities. Bare necessities to a degree though – as Svarc has managed to slip in some really interesting (and just plain weird) spins on the traditional raw denim, including Raspberry scented scratch and sniff denim, a 32 oz monstrosity of a jean (that can literally stand on it’s own), glow in the dark denim, kevlar based denim, pomegranate coloured selvage denim and a ridiculously light 5 oz denim jean. Svarc recently came up with another interesting idea, basing the normal indigo denim with a beige-cord threads such that the aging of the denim would give a more worn-in look – emulating the beaten into the ground look without actually needing to drag your jeans through the mud up and down mountains. On a more normal level though – Naked and Famous offer an exceptional range of reasonably priced, well fitting jeans that provide a great entry point into raw denim or an interesting new project for those who have been at raw denim for longer. They’re carried in good denim stores worldwide, and if you’re looking in Vancouver – Gastown’s Dutil denim is sure to have a number of styles in stock. Naked and Famous is a denim brand well worth looking at – even if just out of curiosity for what they’ll come out with next.

– CK


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