The Blue Fox Cafe

The long weekend is a perfect time for an extended, lazy brunch. For me, one spot in particular comes to mind: The Blue Fox in Victoria. I always try to make time to visit it when I’m back in Victoria. Since 1991, the Blue Fox has been charming the local breakfast crowd with sizeable portions of fresh, locally sourced comfort breakfasts. It’s an eclectically decorated brick space located just off antique row in the Harris Green section of Fort Street, an can readily be identified on mornings by the stream of people on the sidewalk. It tends to be best to get there early to avoid the line, but honestly I find waiting in line is worth it for the breakfasts they serve up once you do manage to get in. The Eggs Benedict are one of the highlights (there’s over ten varieties) as are the pulled pork huevos rancheros, breakfast specials and the giant apple cinnamon bun that the serving staff tend to do a great job selling if you come in a group of four or more (any fewer and you wouldn’t be able to get close to finishing your main meal). The space itself fits the comforting aesthetic of the food perfectly, the decorations cover a wide variety from kitschy pieces to excellent local art, the tables are all covered by sheets of plexiglass, under which old decorated napkins from former customers sit, and the brick walls makes the whole space feel like home. If you’re ever in Victoria and need a large and excellent breakfast, the Blue Fox should be your first choice.

The Blue Fox Cafe | | 101-919 Fort Street

Monday to Friday 7:30 am – 4 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am – 3 pm

– CK


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