Faribault Woolen Mills Military and Lodge Blankets

At the most recent Gentlemen’s Reserve at Gastown’s Old Faithful Store (thank you Free/Man), I discovered some of the nicest blankets I’ve ever stumbled upon: Faribault Woolen Mills. Faribault Woolen Mills is one of America’s finest blanket crafters and have been plying their trade crafting heirloom blankets in Minnesota since 1825. They’re a family-run operation which use only 100% wool. Recently, Old Faithful Store got in a shipment of the Foot Soldier and Lodge blankets from Fairbault, and I’ve been lusting after one since. While the Foot Soldier blanket was crafted originally to meet military standards, it should do just as well on the couch as it would on the battlefield. It’s a large blanket, measuring 90 x 66 inches, so you’ll be able to snuggle up in it once fall starts to kick in properly. The Lodge blanket is a little smaller, measuring 68 x 50 inches, and has a nicely fringed edge. It’s a touch job deciding between the two and then trying to narrow down the colorways. They’re all available at Old Faithful, both in store or online.

– CK


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