Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

I was finally able to stop into the famous Finch’s Tea and Coffee House on West Pender earlier this week. I’ve been hearing rumblings about their pear, blue brie and proscuttio baguette for a long time now, and was pleased to be able to try it for myself. Finch’s is a beautiful cafe located a little off the beaten track near Gastown in Vancouver. It’s an eclectic looking spot, filled with different types of furniture and furnishings. The menu is laid out on a number of different blackboards behind the service counter, and includes a wide variety of baguettes, platters, breakfasts, treats and drinks. I was just in for lunch by myself, so I was only able to try the Pear baguette, but from a browse of the menu and the plates of those around me, there are a number of great looking options. My baguette didn’t disappoint at all: it was filled with pear, brie and proscuttio to the point that it was almost overflowing. I’ll be back soon and would recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent lunch in the Gastown area.

Finch’s Tea and Coffee House | | 353 West Pender St.

Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm, Saturdays 11 am – 4 pm

– CK


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