Asics Team Netherlands GT II

Have you ever been browsing around the internet and realized that an amazing party has been going on for a while and you’ve been missing out entirely? And then, you realize that the party is still accessible, in your size, via ebay? But the tickets to said party are $400. Ok. The metaphor has collapsed a little, but in the case of my night the party is actually a pair of Asics GT II’s issued this July for the Dutch national team at the London Olympics. Complete with Orange suede uppers, red white and blue hardware, and a red white and blue outsole, these shoes manage to represent the Netherlands on pretty much every angle you look at them from.

Since being introduced to Asics about six years ago now, I’ve barely been able to touch another runner, and though these may have been designed for off-field use, I can see the Asics design I’ve grown to love in them. When you add that to the Dutch design, which I’ve always been attracted to thanks in large part to my heritage and one Dennis Bergkamp at World Cup 1998, you get a sneaker and a half. Sadly, the part in the metaphor about the only pair I found (in my exact size, thanks internet) on ebay do happen to cost a breezy $400, so I will probably never get to step into the party.

– CK


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