Nigel Cabourn Fall 2012 Drop

Haven, one of Canada’s best menswear shops, recently got a shipment from top functional, and military-influenced designer Nigel Cabourn. Cabourn tends to have a high price point, but having tried a few of his garments out recently I’d have to say that they may well be worth the price of admission. With the onrushing fall, the Short Wet Weather Parka in Orange is a highlight piece for me and if I were able to afford it I’d have it. It’s an exceptionally constructed piece down to each last detail. It’s cut in a classic heritage silhouette with a clasp fastened hood, adjustable side cinches, super high quality waxed cotton drawstrings at the hood, waist and hem for adjustability, raglan cut sleeves and snow flap construction on front pockets. The small striped pattern button down shirts are another highlight from the collection with a military-influenced placket, plated seams, an interior hangar loop, and a great pattern. It also has the benefit of looking quite good paired with the parka as Haven demonstrate. The zip sweat parka is a more athletic offering, cut in a marbled grey cotton with a number of athletic details including flat locked seams. It’s one of the more simple pieces on paper, but the quality of the fabric and construction mean it’s well worth a look, as is the rest of the collection.

– CK


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