YNOT Cycle Pedal Straps

With the acquisition of a new bicycle, a classic Masi steel number that I hope will last for a long time, comes the pleasure of tinkering with and adding to the bike. Whether it’s a new component set, handlebar tape, saddle, brake pads or pedals a bike is the perfect thing to geek out – and spend money – on. With my new setup, I’ve so far kept the components stock but look forward to upgrading them in the future. I did however spring for a custom pedal job. I switched the standard metal pedals out for Animal’s Hamilton Polycarbonate set to save on weight but most importantly I added YNOT Cycle’s canvas pedal straps. Pedal straps are not something I’ve previously used for biking as I’d never been able to convince myself that clips are a necessity for city biking as there is too much starting and stopping. This set of straps have been a revelation to me though. Handmade in Toronto from heavy canvas and velcro by a bunch of bike nuts, the straps enable you to quickly resize them based on the shoes you’re wearing. When kicked in, they provide a strong but comfortable hold and I can feel the increase in power efficiency, especially on hill-climbs. For the style-conscious biker, there are a range of colours (I went for the red as it matches the trim on my frame) and for the safety conscious there are reflective coverings. The build quality is fantastic and unlike toe straps I’ve used on other bikes they are very easy to get your foot into. For me, they’re the perfect compromise between full clips and no clips at all: snug, comfortable, functional, well-built and stylish. If you bike and don’t use toe clips, you should be using these. You can pick up a pair at Ride On Again Bike Shop in Vancouver.

– AP

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