The White Briefs

An underrated division of menswear basics pieces such as underwear, are critical. Luckily for men around the world, The White Briefs have stepped in to make sure we are never lacking in quality staples. As the name implies, underwear is the cornerstone around which the line is built, but recently some quality shirts, henleys, tanks and robes have been added to the collection. Crafted in Sweden from well curated fabrics – their website provides an excellent summation of their mission: “All individually tailored garments are constructed with exquisite materials whilst precisely observing sartorial details and versatile usability.”

We’re inclined to agree. Although the price point is high, the White Briefs are doing an excellent job in meeting a demand for high quality menswear basics. Their dedication to selecting eco-certified fabrics mean that not only will you be feeling and looking your best in their garments, but you’ll be able to feel environmentally conscious at the same time, and who can argue with that. Sadly, they’re not yet available anywhere on the West Coast, but they can be picked up from any of the fine retailers listed here. They’ve also done an attractive collaboration with menswear icon Nick Wooster, focussing on taking their staples and reworking them with a camo fabric. These limited edition pieces are available via their website store.

– CK


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