Nike Gyakusou F/W 2012

As the calendar flipped over to October on Monday, we entered Gyakusou month. October 13 is marked in all our calendars as the date the Japanese running wear brand will be dropping their collection for F/W 2012. Gyakusou, for those unfamiliar with the label, is a Japanese collaboration with Nike that focusses on well-tailored, extremely technical running gear. The gear extends from footwear to jackets and each piece is painstakingly designed by top Japanese designer Jun Takahashi using a colour palate inspired by the natural shades of Japan. As the Hypebeast review puts it “subdued technical with hits of pattern incorporating leaves and other natural motifs, the collection seamlessly blends the two seemingly at odds inspirations and lends itself equally to running in both the natural and urban spheres.” If the idea of looking like an “Autumn Monk” as you complete your 10 kilometer early morning jog around Stanley Park gets your heart racing as much as the run itself, head over to Tres Bien, or whatever your Gyakusou stockist of choice happens to be, on October 13 to get your hands on their newest offerings. In the meantime, SlamXHype has a couple of nice features on the collection you can browse through.

– CK

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