Southern Field Industries Rucksack

Thanks to time recently spent working with Darian Hocking of Free/Man, I’ve gotten a good deal of exposure to Japanese brand Southern Field Industries. Each piece is hand-made in Saitama, Japan by Manabu and Keiko Okada, the husband and wife team who in 2008 founded Southern Field Industries. Manabu comes from a long line of leather crafters; he trained under his father working on building leather goods for the horse racing industry–and developed a great expertise in dealing with leather. One particular piece that has caught my eye in what is an exceptional collection of carry goods is the rucksack. It is a convenient and versatile piece that, much like other pieces we choose to highlight here on the Facing Page, will age amazingly with time. Crafted from a waxed cotton outer, a solid canvas lining and tanned leather straps, the bag looks incredible right out of the box. It unfolds out, allowing you to pop in whatever you’d like to before closing off the Red Wing Boots drawstring and covering the interior with the front flap. Forgot something? Just pop it into the convenient exterior front flap pocket or the quick access zip pocket. Manabu and Keiko’s attention to detail is clearly evident in the great construction of this bag and their talent as designers is clear in how useable this piece is. With such a great piece does come a bit of a price tag, but their goods are worth it as they will be with you for a long time to come. You can find them via the excellent Free/Man webshop.

– CK


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