The Hill-Side F/W 2012

As always, the Hill-Side’s F/W offering was one of my favorite product drops of the season. Year after year, the exceptional fabric sourcing and great craftsmanship make the Hill-Side one of the best accessory lines going, period. This F/W was no exception, with an interesting look-book followed up by one of the best releases yet from the Hill-Side. The look-book was created by sending out polaroid cameras to a selection of stockists and asking them to shoot themselves wearing the product. This created a highly unique offering, which while it didn’t always showcase the product so much, was an interesting look at a number of the stockists and their own personal styles and ways of wearing the Hill-Side.

The collection itself, as usual, is based off a number of chambrays (indigo, tumeric, plum, ‘kyoto violet’ and black) and then expands outwards to the realms of neon waves, paisley, polka dots, flannels and ginghams. There are a couple of cotton-blend brushed canvas scarves that are real standouts which as they would wear well with pretty much anything. The modified herringbone ties are another real highlight, though considerably less reserved than the striped scarves. They’re a bit more out-there, but they’ll give an interesting touch to any dress shirt, providing there isn’t too much color clash. A couple other notable pieces for me are the herringbone gingham tie, the polka dot pocket square, anything in indigo chambray and the chenille knit scarves. Have a look through the collection, there’ll be something for pretty much everyone.

All the products are made in the USA, and the fabrics are sourced from all over the world, particularly including Japan. They’re all available from Hickoree’s in New York and then in smaller batches from other retailers.

– CK


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