Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle

Cinelli is, in my opinion, one of the nicest looking bike designers around. Since Cino Cinelli opened his shop doors in the 1940s to make bike frames in Italy, Cinelli has been at the forefront of both component and frame construction and design. From urban bicycles to the top racing bikes, Cinelli has been at the cutting edge of it all. Recently they’ve put together a book delving back through 65 years of archives to highlight Cinelli innovations like the timeless components, the controversial Spinaci handlebars and the MASH fixed-gear pursuit bikes. Including contributions and collaborations with Sir Paul Smith, Felice Gimondi, Mike Giant, Benny Gold and Gilberto Simoni, the book promises to be not only a gorgeous piece on your coffee table, but a proper read for those fans of the Cinelli design and bike (or just industrial) design on the whole as well. Look for it on Amazon October 23 or pre-order now.

– CK

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