CYC Sample Sale Winter 2012

CYC Sample Sale F/W 2012

One of the best chances to get some exceptional clothes for cheap in Vancouver is the CYC’s annual November sample sale. CYC is the parent company of both wings+horns and Reigning Champ as well as (rest in peace) Spruce, the OG CYC offering. The sample sale isn’t just factory throwaways and weird sizes; this is a well-stocked daily chance to pick up a ton of extra pieces the brands had kicking about. This is a great chance to pick up a few of those pieces you saw in stores but seemed a bit rich for your tastes at the time. While it’s hard to know in advance just how on sale pieces will be, it’s pretty safe to say they’re going to be heavily discounted. I know both of us here on the Facing Page are going to be stocking up, I personally don’t plan on buying any t-shirts at any other point in the year. One thing to remember, bring cash or your debit card, because it’s cash only – but the lovely accommodating folks at CYC have brought in an ATM just for the occasion. Dates and exact address are on the above poster. See you there.

– CK


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