Batten Warm-Up Fleeces

With the cool evenings of fall firmly in place, what better way is there to keep cozy than a fleece jacket from Batten Outerwear. By bringing 1970’s style of fleeces to today, the Brooklyn-based Batten has done a great job with these vintage inspired jackets. They’re cut in a regular fit with a nice and relatively rare two-way zipper, so you can unzip a bit from the top and bottom if you’re getting too warm. The pocket on the front left in a contrasting colour and a nice button closure is another standout feature. As an added bonus for those into the “Made in the USA” trend, these jackets are made in Brooklyn. They can be picked up in New York (or online) at Hickorees, or from your favorite Batten stockist. I recently picked up one for myself in red and blue and I can recommend it very highly. It’ll do you just as well for a night around the town as it will to pull on after a freezing soccer practice. If you’re into fleeces (or even if you aren’t – I didn’t think I would wear a fleece until bumping into this one), it’s totally worth the purchase.

– CK


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