An interesting blend between exploratory surf trip and environmental warning against the Northern Gateway oil pipeline, Groundswell is a recent film put together by a diverse team including Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Patagonia and Woodshed Films. Fans of surfing, the environment or the Pacific Northwest’s gorgeous coast (so pretty much everyone) should make time to see this film.

The following is a description of the project from West Coast based photographer Jeremy Koreski, who was involved in the filming: “For ten days we sailed through the Great Bear Rainforest in search of good waves, and had the opportunity to surround ourselves with the wildlife of the Great Bear. I was amazed by the amount of life we saw there in such a short period of time—from sailing with a pod of orcas to sharing a river full of salmon with a mother grizzly and her two cubs, each day presented something special. The purpose of the trip was to raise awareness of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, a project that would see tar sands oil pumped to the coast from Alberta and then shipped across the Pacific to Asia. I personally am against the pipeline—I don’t believe that Canada should risk its coastline, wildlife and ocean for the sake of oil. I’m not going to kid myself by thinking we can live without oil, but we need to start looking at alternatives. On the Great Bear trip, I realized that even though I’ve spent most of my life on the coast, I’ve explored very little of it. I’d like to see so much more with having to worry about a major oil spill ruining this beautiful place.”

A group of those involved with the Groundswell concept will be taking the film on tour this coming November, hosting movie premieres as well as educating those in attendance of the potential pitfalls of the proposed pipeline. These premieres should draw a pretty good crowd, particularly along the West Coast, so you may want to get online now and secure your free ticket to see Groundswell in Victoria on November 2, or Vancouver on November 3. Both of us at the Facing Page will be at the Vancouver screening. If you see us, come say hi.

– CK

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