Desert Boots – Potential for Change

Every man should have at least one pair of desert boots (Clarks or otherwise) in their closet. They’re unbelievably versatile, comfortable, timeless and – a less considered aspect – they look quite good if you end up swapping out the crepe sole at some point in their lives. One particularly good looking example was shown to me on the weekend by a friend whose desert boots (not actually Clarks, but a similar looking Italian model, also with great laces, but we’ll come to this later) had lost their soles completely. This might not be the best for water resistance, but throw a thin, tough leather sole on, and you’ll keep the low profile while keeping your feet dry. The thin-sole look is one option, another is to branch out into something like a thicker boot-style Vibram sole, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, a ripple sole. It’s a great way to not only extend the life of your boots, but also completely refresh the look. Of course, it isn’t just the sole you can modify: swapping out the traditional thin laces with something even just a small bit thicker in a complimentary color looks really good. There is plenty of room to work with this, if you’re one of those people that likes to put some sort of totally off-kilter color in there just to add some pop, that will probably work for you as well. If you need some extra inspiration, has a four hundred and fifteen page thread on Clarks desert boots – so there’s good odds you’ll see something you hadn’t thought of before. You can pick up a pair of Clarks at most good shoe stores, and you can get the soles re-done at most good cobblers.

– CK

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