Tenue de Nimes x Railcar Denim

To preface this piece, there isn’t all that much information going around right now about these jeans, and given that Tenue de Nime’s webshop is down they’re not particularly easy to attain. That said, I know Railcar Denim, and I know Tenue de Nimes, and I can honestly say that both brands are well worth putting the money down to pick up a pair of jeans. So when they got together and produced a jean with orange Cone Mills selvedge in honor of the Dutch national colour (and football team) – well – for me it was love at first sight. But for now, that’s sort of all we know. It’ll probably have a long inseam as with typical products from both Tenue de Nimes and Railcar (likely something in the area of a 36 inch inseam), will be a top quality jean and in all likelihood if you’re able to pick one up (there won’t be many released) it will probably become your new favorite jean. All I’ve really got to go off of is a press release from Tenue de Nimes and a short piece on Rawr Denim, so we look forward to hearing and seeing more. I do have to pass along one tip from Rawr Denim: if the jean strikes your fancy, email one of the two collaborators and try to secure your pair now as I imagine they’ll go fast.

– CK


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