Chup Socks

CHUP socks, the brainchild of Japanese textile expert Glen Clyde, is an excellent option to turn to for your winter socks. They’re crafted in limited numbers in Japan from a number of materials sourced out from around the world then knit into patterns inspired by native cultures from all over the world. The selection of different patterns is really a nice touch, as CHUP branches out from the traditional Fair Isle knit, touches on the Cowichan knit, re-interprets the Navajo knit and plays around with the Quanik snowflake knit. CHUP’s limited availability can be explained by the fact that they’re still crafted by hand on small scale machines that limit each machine to around 20-25 socks per day, though the process ensures that each sock is incredibly well put together. The attention to detail in the design and manufacturing process comes through in the feel and in the look of the socks. They’re available right now from End who also happen to be having a free worldwide shipping promotion, so the time is ripe to pick up a few pairs to keep your feet warm all winter.

– CK


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