We Hear: A Classics Edition

This week’s We Hear digs into some of my favorite songs from a generation past. While not anchored to a specific genre, I’ve selected a few old favourites of mine for your aural delectation.

Spectral Display – It Takes A Muscle (to Fall in Love)

Firstly, we have this piece from Dutch electronic one hit wonders Spectral Display: their one hit ‘It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love.” It’s the kind of song you can listen to on repeat endlessly for days. Each time you go more than an hour without hearing it you’ll be rushing to a music player to get your fix and then leaving it on the backburner for months until you rediscover it.

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Everybody who takes a trip down musical memory lane has to make a quick stop on at least one Kate Bush track. One of my favorites from her back catalogue is Cloudbusting, a soaring, slightly longer, piece. It makes good use of her voice and musical talents, and though the video is a little weird it’s well worth a listen.

The Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers

One of the bands with the ability to perk me up if I’m having a bit of an off-colour day is the Talking Heads, and in particular the track Once in a Lifetime, which I’ve loved ever since hearing in a snowboard video sometime in my mid-teens. But I’ve chosen to feature another one of their tracks: (Nothing But) Flowers. It’s an interesting reply of sorts to Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi, with its references to a future time when the chain malls and the like have been replaced once again by (nothing but) flowers.

Brian Eno – By This River

One of my favorite artists to listen to while working is Brian Eno. His more ambient works are phenomenal, such as albums like Music for Airports. One of his songs that I most enjoy is ‘By This River’. one I’ve liked a ton since being introduced to it a few years back. I think it was initially used for a sad scene in a movie (although I can’t remember which film) it is a beautiful listen.

– CK

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