Engineered Garments Workaday Utility Jacket

A slimmed down, well-built and well-designed sibling collection to Engineered Garments, the Engineered Garments Workaday collection often brings out some of Daiki Suzuki’s most wearable pieces. This utility jacket, based off a vintage US Navy utility jacket model, is certainly one such piece. It’s a strikingly simple piece as far as Engineered Garments goes, cut from the hardy and well-wearing reverse sateen fabric that Engineered Garments has become known for using. For me, it’s one of those pieces that you can do so much with, particularly come fall and winter. The olive fabric goes with just about everything, and the way the jacket is cut makes it easy to wear as an over another shirt, sweatshirt, henley or anything but slim enough that it fits in conveniently under another jacket or windbreaker. Based on my wearing experience, it’ll keep some water off on its own, but an extra layer over it might come in handy on the rainy days like we’ve been having recently. The piece certainly fits well into the Engineered Garments Workaday mantra of being worn day in and day out as one of the staples of your closet. The utility jacket is very hardy, as you can feel just from picking it up in store but the true value of such a hardy fabric makes itself known after a couple of years of heavy wear when the jacket has worn in and become a real part of you. Quite¬†conveniently, there are a number of pockets on the jacket (it’s a Daiki Suzuki piece after all) but there are few enough that it doesn’t look overwhelming and those that are there are very functional. The two main from pockets are good to hold most things, the inner chest pocket will hold your phone nicely and keep it dry, and there’s an upper chest outside pocket for whatever you like to keep in your upper chest pockets. Available in Vancouver or online through Inventory Stockroom, this is a piece you’ll want to get your hands on to head off whatever fall and winter can throw your way.

– CK


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