FIKA, a Tokyo-based, Scandinavian-inspired antique and household goods store has taken a highly original approach to a retail space. From Monday to Friday, the tiny 355 square foot building in the densely packed Toshima district operates as the owner’s home, but on Saturday mornings the homeowner opens the doors and becomes a store. Through the elegantly designed sliding doors, in the bottom floor there is a large high-rise shelf that functions dually as a main display shelf on the first floor and as a day-to-day object holder for the owner on the top floor. Most intriguingly, most of the owner’s possessions are also for sale. The name FIKA is an interesting choice for the space. FIKA means “coffee break” in Swedish, a name which doesn’t really seem to sum up the store itself but is nonetheless a uniquely Scandinavian and catchy title. I wonder if you can sit down with the owner for a coffee served in the cups you’re planning on buying in the elegantly designed second floor for a chat about the rest of their collection and the origins of the store? I’m not sure, but I’d like to find out.

– CK


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