Stutterheim Raincoats

Stutterheim embraces the rainy and snowy Swedish winters by providing customers with some of the finest crafted raincoats available. Understated in style, perfectly on point with construction, influenced by some of the least pleasant urban weather in Europe, the Stockholm and the Arholma are definitely two of the better jackets on today’s market. Both jackets were concieved on founder Alexander Stutterheim’s kitchen floor as updates to his grandfather’s old rain coat. Stutterheim wanted to imortalize his granddad’s jacket, while bringing a more modern sensibility to it. Today, each coat is signed and numbered by the seamstress who sewed and hand cut it, seams are taped and sealed, and the coats are all quality matched to the highest of standards to ensure the customer gets nothing but the best of coats. They’re produced in the small town of Borås – keeping things Swedishg – in a factory with a real tradition of craftsmanship and a razor sharp attention to materials and details. Both the Arholma and the Stockholm are available through the Stutterheim online shop, as well as in a couple of select retailers throughout Europe. If rainy days are on your horizon and you’d prefer to face them looking sharp, the Stutterheim jacket family may well be for you.

– CK


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