Inventory x The Superior Labour Socks

Socks are a piece of the wardrobe that gets overlooked far too consistently for my liking. Admittedly, they may seem quite unimportant (and undesirable) in summer, but come fall, you’ll be wishing your feet were covered in something a little warmer as your toes begin to freeze. Enter the Inventory x the Superior Labour annual sock collaboration. They’ve been released in a burgundy and a moss option this fall, both knit from a 90% Japanese Cotton,  7% polyester, and 3% polyurethane blend which is conveniently machine washable and long-lasting. While they may run a little costly at just over $20 – they’re well worth the price of admission as they’ll keep your feet more comfortable than anything else I’ve come across. Inventory chose to work with the Superior Labour based on the overlap of both brands in their senses of craftsmanship, and it really shines through in this collaboration. They’re available in-store at the Inventory stockroom, and online through their webshop.

– CK

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