Vitsœ to Exclusively Produce Dieter Rams Furniture

2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for all of us but one of the most exciting bits for any furniture or design lover is the news that Vitsœ are to begin producing legendary German designer Dieter Rams furniture collection. While Vitsœ have been producing a number of Rams’ designs since 1959, particularly the 606 Universal Shelving System, 620 Chair and 621 Side Table, this will be an extensive and exclusive collection showcasing a great deal more of Rams’ work. In Rams’ own words, “Vitsœ’s disciplined business practices and manufacturing intelligence are in true alignment with the values of my design. This makes Vitsoe the ideal partner to present my products worldwide and it is for this reason that I have given Vitsœ the licence to sell not only 606 Universal Shelving System but my complete portfolio of furniture designs in Germany and throughout the world. Vitsœ’s growing international presence and continued commitment to the constant improvement of my products ensure that my furniture is in the best hands for the years ahead.” It will be exciting to follow this project and see what emerges from the mind of Rams and the excellent production standards of Vistœ.

– CK


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