Four Horsemen Overshirt


A month or so ago I was home in Victoria and, through another job, happened by Victoria menswear stalwart Four Horsemen and was lucky enough to be one of the first people to see their newest offering: an overshirt made by a local Victoria tailor with over 30 years of industry experience. This is probably one of the nicest garments I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Every stitch, seam and piece of design has been immaculately planned and executed and the cashmere blend is ridiculously comfortable. Guy Ferguson, the Four Horsemen icon, spoke to Darian Hocking of Free/Man about the shirt:

“This whole project came about through our relationship with a local tailor. She has over 30 years experience in her craft and has literally worked all over the world. She produces some of the most meticulous, highest quality garments we have ever handled and has an amazing eye for fabrics so we began a conversation about working together on some pieces for the shop. We started looking at materials and this Italian cashmere blend immediately jumped out at us. Not only does it feel amazing, but it has this intricate striped pattern and happened to come in this perfect black/grey/burgundy colour combination. It’s a deadstock fabric, so we bought what we could, but once these are sold it’s not like we can just make more. We’ve always liked overshirts and they are one of the few items that can truly be worn all year round, so we thought it was a good fit for our first product together. The difference between this and our prior collaborative pieces is that we were really able to have complete creative control on every level, rather than working within the confines of a specific product or material. We are extremely pleased with the final product and would happily put this piece up against anything else in the store. It’s the start of an exciting project for us and we’ve already got a few more pieces coming along shortly. The goal is to put out some truly interesting and unique pieces at the absolute highest quality we can afford. We hope you like the results as much as we do.”

If you’re even remotely in the market for such an overshirt, this one is definitely well worth your time to have a look at, and if you’re lucky enough to be Victoria based it isn’t to be missed. It’s even nicer in person than photos can show.

– CK

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