wings+horns SS13

Early this year, we were lucky enough to hear a little bit about what was going on behind the scenes for the Spring and Summer 2013 wings+horns collection. Since then, we’ve been particularly excited to see what the collection looked like. Thanks to gradual releases on their site, we’ve finally been able to see a bit of the collection and from this, albeit limited, selection it might just be one of their best yet. In the brand’s own words:

“The spring/summer 2013 collection takes inspiration from the rugged yet practical uniforms worn by paratroopers during the second world war. These unique pieces were custom reworked with details such as canvas pocket bellows that were sewn into the garments to provide the extra space for their jump missions. these bellows can be found throughout the collection on outerwear, jacket pockets, and bottoms. The heavy zig-zag stitching used in parachutes is another element of design incorporated into the collection, re-appropriated on button down shirts, blazers, and in attaching elbow patches. Traditional utilitarian features can be found on classic styles carried forward from past seasons. The westpoint twill chino continues in new seasonal colourways, sand, rust, and union blue, the officer mac coat is re-introduced in a knitted nylon blend, and the bush pant, another core style, is updated with contrast rust taping. The colour palette features an array of neutrals, prints, and two seasonal colours – rust and union blue. Indigo also continues in new spring/summer styles – a semi spread collar button down, a cotton gauze trucker jacket, and a hand-bleached plaid shirt.”

We’re particularly excited to see the evolution of their continued experimentation with indigo dying, the results of which are some of the highlights of the collection. The wide variety of shorts is also nice, and gives our pale legs something to look forward to come spring. The full look-book can be seen here, and the clothes will be trickling into their online store over the next few months, so keep an eye out!

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