Beams Plus SS13

Beams Plus is one of those collections that you’re always likely to fall for as soon as the look book is released before realizing that the prices put a great deal of the collection out of your reach. In an ideal world, I would be able to order the entire seamlessly integrated collection, but that ideal world is a lottery win or two away (I also feel this way about Engineered Garments and a few other collections). The 2013 Beams Plus Spring Summer collection stays true to past Beams Plus collections featuring preppy Americana inspired looks with a hint of outdoor and military wear. There is a great deal of cohesion amongst the pieces which are well-photographed and paired in the look book. The full collection is available for available for pre-order now, though with my limited understanding of Google Translate’s version of japanese, it seems that those of us not in Japan will have to wait a little longer or sort out a good proxy service.

– CK

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