Shoes Like Pottery

Hickoree’s, one of New York City’s finest retailers, have recently gotten their hands on a number of sneakers from Japanese brand Shoes Like Pottery. Shoes Like Pottery are an interesting entity, as they’ve built their entire company around kiln-firing their sneakers to create a vulcanized rubber sole with a canvas upper cemented on. While it’s a bit of an uncommon and offbeat way to go about putting together a sneaker, it seems to be working and they’ve built a strong cult following despite the difficulty involved in obtaining their wares. In their own words : “The hallmark of Shoes Like Pottery is the vulcanizing, or ka-ryu, process in Japanese, performed by only a select handful of shoe manufacturers around the world. In the ka-ryu process, each shoe is fired in a kiln which causes the sulfur mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its natural elasticity and creating a soft, flexible, and durable sole.” The rubber stamps on the sidewall of each shoe are individually embossed with the Shoes Like Pottery logo, an abstraction of the ‘Uchide-no-Kozuchi’ or ‘small magic hammer’ in English. This magic hammer is said to grant the user’s wishes. They’re available now through Hickoree’s, either in-store or online. If the idea of having a magic hammer on your feet sounds good, you’d best pop over quickly as their stock won’t be lasting long.

– CK

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