We Hear: Spring Concerts in Vancouver

With the eventual advent of spring comes a selection of exciting concerts in Vancouver. First off, and quite recently announced, is James Blake’s return to the Commodore on April 25, with what promises to be an exceptional show. We were lucky enough to catch James Blake a couple years ago at the same venue, and were both completely blown away. I’d definitely recommend coming along, and if you see us, feel free to buy us a beer.

Secondly, the xx, who sold out the Vogue Theatre in minutes in October, are making a return trip for those fans who couldn’t see get tickets last time. They’ll be at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on May 24 for what should be a captivating performance if their October showing was any indication.

French group Phoenix have recently begun to murmur something about a follow-up to 2009’s ridiculously successful and infectiously catchy Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which means they’ll be doing some promotional touring of their own. Vancouver is lucky enough to be their first stop on what will likely be a lengthy touring schedule, so if you want to see the setlist before it becomes stale, catch the band working out the kinks and generally see an awesome show, you’ll want to find yourself at the Queen Elizabeth Theatres on March 28.

– CK


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