Nike Gyakusou Spring/Summer 2013

While it seems like only yesterday I was clearing space on my credit card to free up a little room for Nike and Undercover’s Fall/Winter 2012 releases, we’ve almost reached the 2 March relesae of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Maintaining the Spring/Summer theme, this collection has been tailored by lead designer Jun Takahashi with a Brazilian tropical climate in mind. The resulting Brazilian samba flair of the pieces is interesting to see from a line that has been fairly serious in the past (the occasional leaf print excluded.) On a technical side, the collection includes a great deal of unlined, breathable and exceptionally lightweight materials which should allow you to go for a good run wherever you are without overheating. Of course, you’ll also be the focus of everyone’s attention as you run by, so you’ll be glad to keep your cool. While there aren’t a whole ton of pieces that have emerged, I’m really looking forward to seeing more as the release date moves closer. We’ll be keeping you posted.

– CK

*To follow up – Port Magazine recently released an excellent interview with Jun Takahashi, available to read on their online edition.


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