Patta Tanks

Last summer, I realized that one of the best ways to avoid my typical issue of overheating was to, at least on occasion, opt for a tank top. While I’ve never been such a big fan of the tank-top look, discovering that I can get through summer comfortably was more than worth it, and so the search for a decent one begun. Affirming my affinity for all things Dutch, and keeping with a slight flair for the unusual colors, one of the best I’ve come across are these offerings from Patta, the Amsterdam based sneaker retailer. Admittedly not everyone wants to walk around wearing a pastel pink or green tanktop, but they’re certainly an option for those with a more adventurous taste. I’ve sadly yet to test them out properly, as the 30 euro shipping cost is ridiculously prohibitive (given it’s almost equal to the cost of the shirt), but next time I’m in Amsterdam I’ll certainly be looking to get my hands on one.

– CK


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