Our Legacy First Cut Denim

One of the product drops I’ve been most excited about recently is the denim collection from Swedish brand Our Legacy. Since their inception, Our Legacy has become well known for a concise, simple collection that, each season, features elegant and minimalist designs. Their sweats, as we’ve mentioned previously, have become pretty well-known for living up to their name of the ‘Great Sweats’. The fits are spot on, materials are comfortable and durable and branding is on-point. In the past few seasons, Our Legacy has begun to insert more and more pieces into their collections and moving away from simple staples into some more fashion oriented pieces. As a result, it was somewhat of a surprise to see them moving back and trying their hand again on denim; a surprise, but certainly also a point of excitement. Our Legacy had come out with a jean a few years back, but the unwashed denim, while a nice fit, just didn’t appeal to me. This time they’ve gone for two raw selvedge denims, one black and one indigo. In typical brand fashion, the jeans aren’t overly fancy, gaudy or trendy but are  simple, clean and – in short – a great jean. Cut from a 12.5oz Japanese selvedge denim, they’re a little light as denim goes but they’ll be a perfect option for spring and summer. If you’re interested in having a look at a pair for yourself, they’re available through the Our Legacy webshop now.

– CK


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