Tellason’s Ladbroke Grove Slim Tapered 12.5oz


Roughly a year ago, at the urging of my colleague CK, I purchased my first pair of quality raw denim: a pair of Acne Raw Max. It was a revelation. I’d always seen gorgeous, well-fitting jeans on the street but had never been able to find a pair for myself. And now I knew why. All the jeans I wanted to wear had been hiding in raw denim boutiques, shielded – from me, at least – by their price tags. But, with CK’s guidance and encouragement, I’d finally got a pair. I wore that pair almost everyday for a year; never once, apart from a few cold water soaks in the tub and an impromptu swim or two, washing them. They wore-in beautifully, gaining character in the fade and comfort in the softening denim. Given the wear I’ve got out of them, they are probably the most cost-efficient pair of pants I’ve ever owned. However, this constant wear took its toll: the crotch has been patched twice, my wallet wore a hole into the hip-pocket and my iPhone had done the same to the front pockets. Although I’ll continue to wear them (they had their first ever machine wash this past weekend) it was time for a new pair. Enter Tellason Denim.

Based in San Francisco, Tellason is the project of Tony Patella & Pete Searson (the name is a portmanteau of the suffixes of their last names) who have over 20 years of experience in the garment industry. The company was started in 2008 with the intention to produce beautiful denim from the best materials and from my experience has succeeded at, and then exceeded, this goal. Before visiting the excellent Vancouver boutique dutil. on my hunt for a new pair of raw denim, Tellason wasn’t a company I was familiar with. Thankfully the clerk tossed a pair of their Ladbroke Grove Slim Tapered 12.5oz jeans over the changing room door. Cut from the Cone Mills’ renown White Oak, North Carolina plant, the jeans are a blend of comfort and slimness and the 12.5oz denim is a great compromise between sturdiness and flexibility. As an added bonus, I’ve been told that the jeans fade-in beautifully. I also appreciate the reinforced bottom halves of the back pockets as this tends to be a key wear-spot for wallets. The selvage is a classic blue and white, elegant in its understatement but certainly present. In short, Tellason’s Ladbroke Grove Slim Tapered 12.5 oz are a timeless pair of jeans that I’m going to be recommending to anyone who will listen.

– AP

Tellason can be found at and are based in San Francisco. In Vancouver, you can find Tellason at dutil., open Monday to Saturday from 1100h to 1800h and Sunday and Holidays, 1200h to 1700h. 303 West Cordova, Vancouver, BC.


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