Pacific Furniture Service


I discovered Pacific Furniture Service while browsing through the SlowDownJoe webshop, but hadn’t realized the extent of their interior design work and large product line until very recently. Their site, while a little troublesome to navigate at first, contains some of the best interiors and examples of great design that I’ve seen in a while. Some of the goods are available for sale through a convenient online shop if you happen to know of a Japanese proxy, but for the rest of us there’s just an awful lot of inspiring content. From what I gather, in Japan Pacific Furniture Service run a sort of design consultation service where they’ll go in and put together spaces for their clients, a service which seems, from the results, to be well worth the money. Their aesthetic is mostly quite minimalistic, but not to the point where the spaces are too sparse. Everything (as has been perfected in Japanese design) appears to be in its right place, giving most of the spaces a comfortable and welcoming feel. If you’ve enjoyed browsing through some of Truck’s interiors and furnitures in the past, Pacific Furniture Service is definitely worth your time to browse. Fair warning though, once you get the hang of the navigation, you’ll be on there for a while.

– CK

3 thoughts on “Pacific Furniture Service

  1. Thank you very much for your great article. I have to admit our site is bit hard to navigate ! Please feel free to ask any question to me.
    Thanks anyway for the great article!

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