Our Legacy Spring/Summer 2013

Having given the Our Legacy denim a shout recently, I’d still feel I hadn’t quite done my due diligence if I didn’t showcase a few of the rest of the pieces from their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, aptly titled ‘smile.’ One of the obvious standouts (especially given the collection name) is the ‘Smile’ reversible sweat, a remake of the great sweat, turned inside out and printed with a huge red smiley face on the front. While it obviously won’t be for everyone, I really like the playfulness of the sweat. It’s guaranteed to turn a few heads as you walk around in it. There’s also a foray into footwear with some excellent sneakers that have the Hypebeast-crowd clamouring and a few pairs of leather oxfords and brogues that wouldn’t go amiss in either of our wardrobes here at the Facing Page. As with some of Our Legacy’s past collections, there are also some great suiting options including their unconstructed blazers. The navy unconstructed blazer is the sort of piece I’d recommend most highly for any man looking to build his wardrobe around a few simple yet staple pieces. The entire collection is well worth a browse, and can be found in the Our Legacy online store. Victoria’s Four Horsemen and Vancouver’s Neighbour also have great selections, and both are well worth looking at if you’re in Canada and want to avoid paying the duties and extravagant shipping costs that come with buying from Europe.

– CK


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