Duralex 5.4 oz Picardie Tumbler

For the last few months I had been hunting for a versatile set of glassware. I wanted something that could be used for beer, wine, juice, water and coffee. I was well stocked in whisky glasses but my rag-tag collection of tumblers, mugs and wine glasses left something to be seriously desired. To be fair, it is tricky to find a glass that can be used to for a number of different drinks as not only does the size have to be just so, but the style has to be right. I mean, if you had a espresso-sized martini glass you’d feel a bit strange actually putting espresso into it. So I hunted and hunted until one day I took note of the beautiful glass tumblers that Revolver Coffee uses. They seemed perfect. Elegantly styled, and well-sized. I asked after them and to my delight discovered that Revolver sold them. I bought 6.

Duralex’s Picardie tumblers come in a variety of sizes, but for my money the 5.4 ounce version is the best. It’s an excellent mid-range size that doesn’t dwarf a dram of whisky or restrain a measure of beer. I use mine every morning for coffee and every night for a whisky or an aperitif. The tumblers are made in France from Duralex’s tempered glass. I’ve dropped mine on my tiled kitchen floor without any chipping or cracking. The design of the tumbler is clean and elegant and, as their provenance suggests, reminiscent of a Parisian cafe. For me, they are the perfect multi-use glass. I’ve been tempted to grab a second set in a slightly larger size to hold those large summer drinks, but in the meantime everything is going into the 5.4 ounce glasses. You can track down your own set at Revolver Coffee or online at Duralex’s store.


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