Reigning Champ Hooded Poly Jacket


As we found out over the last couple days spring weather can be very changeable, especially in Vancouver. We’ve gone from a week or so of beautiful sun to gray skies and frequent downpours. Luckily for us, Vancouver’s own Reigning Champ has the perfect solution – the pack-away printed poly hooded jacket. The jacket is available in a variety of colours to brighten your spring wardrobe. The jacket made its first appearance in the Reigning Champ line this spring, and is cut from an lightweight, heather-printed 100% polyester fabric with water resistant membrane coating on the inside and water-proofing layer of bias tape on each seam. Not only is the resulting jacket lightweight and convenient. It can be packed into the right front pocket, making it exceptionally handy to carry around in your bag in case the weather decides to take a turn for the rainy. For added wearability, the sleeves are cut for freedom of movement. The cuffs are elastic bound and there are elastic cord and rubber locks on the hood and bottom hem. To round the package off, the jacket is made right here in Vancouver and if the durability of past Reinging Champ garments are an indication, will last you for many rainy days to come. They’re available in Reigning Champ online store, but if you do happen to be in Vancouver, Haven or Roden Gray are both stockists as is Victoria’s Four Horsemen.


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