ibought Magazine


In addition to clothing, I’ve always had an interest in consumer culture in general. As a result, the press release for ibought magazine immediately caught my eye. A Japanese based magazine, the premiere issue presents the things the magazines 200 creators recently bought. Featured creators include Neighborhood’s Shinsuke Takizawa, nonnative head Takayuki Fujii, Poter’s Reo Yoshida, Kenichi Aono from Beams and Kazuki Kuraishi from Cash Ca. A further look into their list of features reveals articles like “Websites Creators Check Daily,” “What Magzines Models Bought After their Photoshoots,” “Styling by Six Top Stylists for Spring” and shopping maps of Tokyo drawn by those in the know. I’m also curious to see the top 5 best selling products from 2013 – I imagine it will be an interesting insight into the Japanese market. Of course, most of the text is in Japanese so this is a magazine to enjoy from an aesthetic point of view. Luckily for us, much of the magazine seems to be shown in image form, so there’ll be less written content to miss due to thelanguage barrier. ibought is available now from Haven shop. It should be a great pickup for anyone interested in the Japanese fashion market.


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