husbands suit

Husbands Two Button Suit

I’m entering the stage in my life where owning a suit goes from a should to a must, and while I haven’t been actively hunting one, I have been keeping an eye out. While on the pricier side of things, this offering from Parisian brand Husbands is one of the best suits I’ve come upon in a very long time. Husbands is a relatively small brand who promise passion, integrity and honesty in each and every garment they produce. From what I have seen, this navy two-piece seems consistent with the goals of the brand. It is a two-button, fully canvased suit made in Italy with British wool (by a French brand), and features details such as horn buttons, notched lapels, two side vents, and high waisted trousers. Of course, the suit is customizable and made-to-order so you’re going to be getting what you pay for. As an added bonus, it’s apparently very difficult to wrinkle due to its 830 times twist construction (meaning the fibres are well twisted to make sure they retain their exact position.) If you’re in the market for a high-end suit, this may well be one worth taking a look at.


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