Sun Buddies Eyewear

Tres Bien, in addition to having become one of the world’s most successful menswear retailers, have recently launched their own line of sunglasses to combat the bright – and long! – Scandinavian summer days. Named Sun Buddies, these are an elegantly designed option to keep from squinting too much come the summer days. Shaped somewhat reminiscently of the Ray Ban Wayfarer with a round and smooth top. They do differ more around the bottom of the frames where a slightly sharper edge gives the glasses a bit of an aggressive finish. In Tres Bien’s own words, they’re “sporty yet smart.” As an added bonus, they also feature high quality lenses from German optical manufacturers Carl Zeiss Vision, the same lens makers who make some of the most well-reagrded scientific lenses available today. To learn a little more about the glasses, as well as where they can be bought (other than Tres Bien), it’s well worth heading over to the Sun Buddies website, featuring the campaign for the Type 01 shot and directed by Stockholm based Tony Cederteg.


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