Converse all star ox size? collab

Converse x size? All-Star Ox

Not to praise Converse too much – they clearly don’t need it – but following on the heels of successful collaborations with Inventory and Nigel Cabourn, the classic sneaker maker has teamed up with British retailer size? to produce a new series featuring the All-Star Ox. The resulting collaboration is a set of four sneakers, all with minimalist lines, a clean off-white rubber sole, and tasteful details on the tongue and heel. The most important feature here though is the richly textured nappy suede that covers the upper portion of the sneaker. There are four colours of the nappy suede to choose from, including the Phaeton Grey, which looks a little like the Converse x Reigning Champ sneaker, as well as Warm Sand, Fig and Bijou Blue. I’m personally a bit particular to the Fig option, as it really stands out amongst most sneakers on the market and would go equally well with a pair of denim as a navy, khaki, or moss chino. Head over to your size? retail location or their webshop to grab a pair.


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