Brand Balance, The Lego Edition

Brand Balance, The Lego Issue

Brand Balance, a Korean based monthly publication, chooses a different iconic brand each month to profile. Their coverage of the individual brands includes detailed histories, archival photos, and in-depth analysis of the brand’s indivudial design process. Impressively, Brand Balance has managed to remain ad free so this publication is perfect for those interested in brand identity, marketing, design, or a specific brands. Each issue also features interviews from both consumers and brand professionals as a way to contrast how individual brands are contemplated and experienced by the culture at large. This issue covers Danish toy manufacturer Lego which, for me, makes it a very desirable issue. I spent an huge amount of my childhood assembling and dismantling Lego sets. The publication presents a highly interesting opportunity to get to know the brand itself a lot better. It’s available now through Unionmade.

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