We Hear: 4 June

After a week of rain, which was all too typical for June in Vancouver, the sun has finally returned. In celebration we have a We Hear with three perfect songs for the fine weather. British electro-pop band (and Facing Page favourites) Hot Chip have released a new single “Dark and Stormy” which hopefully means a new album is on the way. The single picks up from where last year’s In Our Heads left off with hummable melodies, left-field lyrics and solid beats making it a great summer song. Second up is my favourite track from Vampire Weekend’s new album Vampires of the Modern City: “Step”. “Step” extends Vampire Weekend’s streak of producing catchy and clever pop. The last track is from My Morning Jacket’s 2011 release Circuital: “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)”. The acoustic arrangement fits well with Jim James’ voice and the unabashedly optimistic lyrics. Enjoy the sun!

Dark and Stormy – Hot Chip

Step – Vampire Weekend

Wonderful (The Way I Feel) – My Morning Jacket

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