We Drink : Coffees

As far as coffee goes, both of us at the Facing Page are admitted, and proud, addicts. This means that we could both writeI’ll try not to though – this feature is an attempt to share some of the coffee beans we’ve been drinking recently, and why they’re worth trying. First up from me is one I picked up from Revolver Coffee a couple of visits back. It’s a Colombian blend from Sightglass Coffee, a San Francisco based roastery. The label reads of “Plum aromatics which introduce flavors of brown sugar, blackberry and clementine” – which sounds nice, and (although admittedly I missed out on the clementine) also tastes really quite good. It’s a lighter coffee, none too acidic and well balanced in terms of the flavors. A quick browse of the Sightglass online store seems to indicate it’s no longer produced, which would be a bit sad, but on the whole Sightglass seems to be a great roaster to pick up beans from. I’m looking forward to one day trying their Honduras – Finca Baide, Jeovany Baide Leiva – which they claim to be “A dazzling cup with vanilla bean, kiwi, and melon aromatics that persist alongside flavors of pineapple, starfruit and tamarind.” If that doesn’t get you going (or at least get a little laugh) I don’t know what could.


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