New Balance at End.

With the days getting longer and the weather getting nice, there’s more potential for time outdoors be it a nice walk around the city, a day at the beach or a hike up in wilderness. For any of these options, a decent pair of shoes is a must (even getting to the beach requires shoes), and a pair of canvas sneakers won’t always quite do the trick. New Balance tends to offer some extremely comfortable, stylish and affordable options for making sure your feet are well covered when you step out the door this summer. Models like the ubiquitous NB576, the slightly slimmer NB577, the classic NB996, the ever-popular NB1300 and the modernized NB1500 are all excellent options, and are all available at British retailer End. End thrives on its unique double existence between streetwear and classic mens fashion, a line bridged nicely by the New Balance options. Their entire New Balance selection (as well as pre-orders) can be found on their online shop and is well worth a browse for what may just become your go-to shoe.


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